The International Space Station App (Android)
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The International Space Station App (Android)

by Natgeo20016 » Thu Aug 18, 2022 11:30 pm

Ever wondered what it was like to view the earth from outer space as you had your cup of coffee. Guess what, Now you can.

This application brings you the feature of viewing the Earth from outer space in Live. The International space station records live feed and provides them to NASA from where it is distributed all around the world.

What this app does is it makes it easier for you to watch the ISS live stream of off our Earth as they send images down to our planet.

Newton ISS comes with a bunch of cool features now with the new update mentioned below (but are not limited too):-

Snapshot feature :
Take snapshots of your stream in case you spot something you want to share and then you are provided with the option to either share or save the image in high quality.

ISS Notification :
Be Notified when the International space station if above your current location, So that you can go out and see it for yourself.

ISS passes and ISS Tracking :
Be notified and check, share and set calendar reminder notifications for your ISS passes that are next in line to be occurred at your location.

Settings for the ISS module :
A whole bunch of new setting options added as,
i) Color selector for poly lines.
ii) Refresh rate for ISS tracker position
iii) Line customization for tracking position systems.
and a lot more....

See Who's in Space :
This new feature allows you to see in real time who's in space, their names, background details and so on. This is for educational purposes.

ISS Module View :
Ever wondered how it looks like inside the different modules in the Space station, Well guess what, Now you can visit them virtually with the integrated viewing and navigation systems inside Newton Space Application that allows you to virtually travel inside the different modules of the space station. A total of 17+ modules have been added and more to come soon.

Live ISS Tracking system :

Get the GPS of the ISS in real time with custom chosen refresh rates.
The integration is shown over the virtually implemented google map and is updated in regular intervals by default and also given the customization of manual refreshment selection to the end user.

3 Different Space Station Streams Including HD:

ISS Live Stream CAM 1 - This is the main cam stream and can be dark while it enters the shadow of the earth. Here is where you can see the cool stuff at. It gives you the live video feed of Earth

ISS Live Stream CAM 2 Upper Module - The second cam in position where different modules and a general view towards space is where the camera is being pointed at.
This feed is also a part of our live HD video streams lists.

NASA TV - The NASA Public and Educational information channel with live feed information passed on at certain intervals. A detailed education on the International Space Station’s cameras.

Watch the streams get notifications and play rate our application if you like it. More options included and are coming on the way.

To Know more download the ISS Space Station application from the playstore link:- ... ation_LIVE

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