The House on the Hill (Shorts:- Horror)
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The House on the Hill (Shorts:- Horror)

by Natgeo20016 » Sat Jan 21, 2023 7:01 pm

The small town of Ravenswood had always been known for its eerie, old houses that sat on the hill overlooking the town. But none were as infamous as the house on the top of the hill. The locals avoided it at all costs, claiming that it was cursed and haunted by the spirits of the previous occupants who had all met mysterious and untimely deaths.

But for a group of friends, the allure of the forbidden house was too much to resist. They had heard the rumors and the legends, but they were all skeptics and didn't believe in ghosts or curses. They decided to spend a night in the house to prove to everyone that there was nothing to fear.

As they approached the house, they couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The windows were boarded up and the front door was boarded shut. They had to break in to get inside. Once inside, they were greeted with a musty, damp smell and cobwebs that covered every surface.

They started to explore the house, but as they did, strange things began to happen. They heard strange noises, saw unexplained shadows, and felt a sense of being watched. They brushed it off as their imagination playing tricks on them, but as the night went on, the occurrences became more and more frequent and intense.

One of the friends, a girl named Samantha, began to feel ill and feverish. Her friends assumed it was just nerves getting to her, but as the night went on, her condition worsened rapidly. She began to thrash and scream in her sleep, claiming that she could see the spirits of the previous occupants who were trying to take her with them.

The friends decided it was best to leave the house and take Samantha to the hospital. But as they were leaving, they heard a voice whispering in the darkness, "You should have never come here. You belong to us now."

Samantha was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. She died that night, her body wracked with fear and terror. The friends were devastated and filled with guilt for not believing in the legends and for bringing Samantha to the cursed house on the hill.

From that night on, the house on the hill was avoided even more fervently. The friends never spoke of their experience again, but they all knew that they had unleashed something terrible and that they would never be able to escape the curse of the house on the hill.

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