The Forgotten Asylum (Shorts :- Horror)
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The Forgotten Asylum (Shorts :- Horror)

by Natgeo20016 » Sat Jan 21, 2023 7:02 pm

It was a dark and stormy night when Emma and her friends decided to explore the abandoned asylum on the outskirts of town. They had heard rumors of ghosts and strange occurrences, but they didn't believe in such nonsense. They just wanted to have a little fun.

As they entered the crumbling building, they immediately regretted their decision. The air was thick with a musty smell and the darkness seemed to press in on them from all sides. But they pushed on, determined to see what was inside.

As they walked through the dimly lit hallways, they heard strange noises coming from the shadows. They laughed nervously, trying to convince themselves that it was just the wind. But then they saw them - the ghosts. Their pale faces and twisted bodies seemed to float in the darkness, their eyes boring into Emma and her friends.

They tried to run, but the ghosts seemed to be everywhere, blocking their path. Emma's friends were quickly overcome by fear and they bolted in different directions, leaving Emma alone. She was trapped and the ghosts were closing in.

Desperate for a way out, Emma stumbled upon a room she hadn't noticed before. Inside, she found a diary belonging to a nurse who had worked at the asylum. As she read the pages, she discovered the horrifying truth - the asylum had been a place of unspeakable horrors, where patients were subjected to cruel experiments and mistreatment. The ghosts were the tormented spirits of those who had suffered and died there.

Emma realized that she could never leave the asylum, she was trapped with the spirits of the forgotten souls. As she succumbed to the relentless ghostly torment, her screams echoed through the abandoned halls, joining the chorus of tortured souls that haunted the forgotten asylum.

Suddenly Emma woke up in her bed, it was all just a bad dream. But she knew that she would never forget the horrors she experienced in that nightmare, and she promised herself never to explore an abandoned asylum again.

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